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Christ the King CCW

Our Council of Catholic Women (CCW) was formed shortly after Christ the King was established in 1941.  A group of women organized the parish Women’s Club, with Mrs. T.C. Parker as the first President.   At that time, the club's main responsibility was the care of the church altar. In 1942, the Women’s Club was renamed the Altar Society.  Meetings were held int the members’ homes. At that time, the club had about ten members and their role continued to enter on the care of the altar, keeping the sanctuary clean, polishing the brass, and arranging flowers.

In the fall of 1943, Father McKeown, the pastor, felt that a different type or organization was needed, that the women of the parish should be. part of a large umbrella organization, yet one that allowed for individuals to meet in smaller groups. A membership drive was held, and the Christ the King Guild was formed. It was affiliated with the National Council of Catholic Women. The first Guild had a membership of200 spread over four subgroups identified as circles.  Each circle had its own special identity and reasons for meeting, but several times a year there were general meetings of the entire Guild.

The first circles were organized as Bible study groups. For many years, the circles of the Guild continued to are for the church sanctuary. Not only did these women keep the building clean, but they kept the altar linens laundered and starched and often made the communion rail and altar cloths for the church.  The circle format is still in existence today, with seven circles currently meeting, and a total membership of 245.  The first president of the Guild was Mrs. R.H. Clewis. 

Over the years the Guild has sponsored many fund-raising events for the parish, turning over the proceeds to the pastor to be used for such necessities as paying the mortgage.  The events include bazaars a workless bazaar, boutiques, fashion shows (often featuring guild members and their children as models), parties, dances, card parties, bridge marathons, selling fruitcakes, and the annual antique show.

Often the Guild and the Mother’s Club collaborated on fundraisers sponsoring events at such location Jai Lai Fronton and the Hillsborough Hotel, as well as at the parish.  Besides fundraisers, the Guild has actively supported programs such as Meals on Wheels, The Judeo-Christian Clinic, adult education courses, and organizing receptions for parish events.

For several years, from 1962 to 1965, the guild sponsored a Junior Guild for the high school girls of the parish.  About 200 girls participated in this social organization, enjoying many activities such as picnics, fashion shows, and dances.  About six of the girls formed a singing group called The Sixteens which performed at parish and community events.

The Guild was formed and continues today as an organization which offers religious, educational, civic, and social enterprises. It is through this medium that the women of Christ the King Parish have been able to aid the spiritual and material growth of the parish, which they continue to do with enthusiasm and style.